Jan 8, 2011

"Your Great Expectations"

Day #7 - "A Woman of Faith" Devotional
Verse: Proverbs 13:12 "When dreams come true, there is life & joy."

What kind of dreams do you dream? What are your biggest dreams, wishes & desires? Did you know that God CAN make those happen? We have to however work diligently to make those happen. We can't just sit back and EXPECT God to do it for us, but we should be EXPECTING that He can and will do great things in, for and through us!

God wants us to be the BEST "ME's" that we can be... how are you living up the the 'ME' you are supposed to be? There is a GREAT book by John Ortberg called just that, 'The ME I Want to Be'. It is a great study to do alone, or as a group. I want to start a group this year, so that we can be challenged to be the ME that God has called us to be. You can be the ME that others want you to be, the ME that you think you are, or the ME that God has called you to be. Which are you striving after? Are you a man-pleaser, a self-pleaser or trying to be a God-pleaser? When we live our lives pleasing to God, it should in fact be pleasing to ourselves and others (depending on where they are in their own walk with the Lord).

2011 will be a year of 'great favour', 'great expectations being fulfilled', & 'no limits'... (Check out and download a great song, 'No Limits' by Joshua Mills {& Beckah Shae} on I Tunes - click the link or the pic below.)

God, "our Creator intends that we live faithfully, hopefully, courageously, and abundantly. He knows that we are capable of so much more; and He wants us to do the things we're capable of doing; and He wants us to begin doing those things today." ('A Woman of Faith'- (Day 7)
©2007 Freeman-Smith, LLC)

Are you living up to your full capability, or your M.E. (Maximum Effectiveness) that God has created you to be? I know that I am not, and most of us aren't truly, if we are being honest with ourselves. How can we get there?  Barbara Johnson quotes, "Allow your dreams a place in your prayers & plans. God-given dreams can help you move into the future He is preparing for you". So go ahead & DREAM BIG DREAMS... have GREAT EXPECTATIONS of your life (and your kids and other family members & friends), but PRAY into those dreams, and allow others a chance to pray alongside you. Allow God to move in and through you. Things He does for you, aren't always just for you. He wants you to move out and use them to help others too!

In the words of WALT DISNEY, one of the world's greatest dreamers... "ALL OUR DREAMS COME TRUE, IF WE HAVE THE COURAGE TO PURSUE THEM."


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