Apr 1, 2017

God Takes Hold of Us... We Gain Confidence!

As a childcare worker (a Registered Early Childhood Educator, not a babysitter) & someone involved in Children's Ministry (KidMin), I find myself in the presence of young children frequently. I am a Toddler teacher in my M-F job, and there I teach little minds more about themselves and the world around them. Thankfully, it is also based in my church, so we teach them spiritual truths too!

We are blessed to have our childcare in our church building, as the presence of God follows us up to the 2nd floor where the main part of the childcare is. There are a couple sets of stairs that we have to take daily, either to get outside, or to get to the 'gym'. Some of the Toddlers can do the stairs with ease, some still hesitate and take them slow, whereas some have difficulty & like to hold hands with the educator. On one occasion, last week, a thought came to me inspired by Holy Spirit. The Toddlers can do it on their own, and like to use autonomy and say "I do it!" So we let them hold the railing and walk down the stairs without assistance. But on this day, a little boy was going slow and taking small steps, so I offered him my hand, and he confidently took off down the stairs with a spring in his step and he even jumped from the bottom step to the landing. I reached for the hand of a child behind him, and the same thing transpired. A confidence was built. They put their trust in me, and when they took my hand, they had no fear. They trusted that I would help them down the stairs and not let go. Holy Spirit showed me this is the same with our walk with God. God allows us to 'walk unassisted', but He is still right there with us. But when we allow Him to hold our hand, we can go forth confidently with no fear! 

This led me on a verse search, and I came across one found in Isaiah 41:13 "For I hold you by your right hand -- I, the Lord your God. And I say to you, 'Don't be afraid. I am here to help you'."

Such a simple but true promise that removes fear and brings confidence! If God is holding our hand, nothing can snatch us from His grip.

That leads to the story that I have shared here before... except earlier the lesson had a father and daughter/son, this one has a mom and son.

If we hold onto God, challenges come and we might let go, but if God holds onto us, there will be nothing that can separate us.

Are YOU letting God hold onto your hand? No one is too far out of His grasp. Just reach out today and call on Him, and He will hold you.

No God - Know Fear
Know God - No Fear

Be blessed to be a blessing,

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