Jun 23, 2012

I'm BAAAAACK!! :) 'a little piece of my heart'

Hey All!

Sorry again I have been gone so long... I have been trying to stay away from 'computer devotionals' so that I do not get distracted from time apart with God... but then I realized that others may have been blessed by the devotionals I post. So I am truly sorry. :)

Well, today's post is kind of a random one, one that is in regards to my heart... what I am thinking of, what I have been kind of 'struggling' with in regards to decisions, etc... what can go on in my life, what is going on with life, and more... There are a lot of GOOD changes coming, and I am excited. I love CHANGE! :)

I have a lot of DREAMS, visions, GOALS, and more that I have just sitting in my heart and in my mind... I dwell on some of them, some of them I have let fizzle a little, and some I am trying to accomplish... BUT, I need to seek God and fulfill some of those. Because while I am supposed to be helping people find their DREAMS & GOALS and rise to the occasion and fulfill some of those through their walk with JESUS, I need to LIVE by that same viewpoint & be an example. What help am I to others, if I am not living up to my greatest potential either. As a Christian, I am inspired & called to help teach, train & equip young children, tweens & teens (but any age for that matter) find out more about God, Jesus and their love for us (& to have a right relationship with Him) As well I am inspired to help them find the M.E. that God has created them to be, and to walk out & work out their faith. M.E. = Maximum Effectiveness! The army calls you to 'BE ALL YOU CAN BE' and that's exactly what God wants in His army. We fight not against the world, yet we fight against our enemy. "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." Ephesians 6:12 NIV (1984)

I have a tendancy to put others needs and desires ahead of my own, as I enjoy helping others by raising their self-esteem to believe in themselves, and to see them reach their goals. But I need to step back and think about ME too... I realize that is part of my calling, as I need to see what and where exactly God wants be to be 'FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS'. There are many desires and dreams in my heart & mind; some family-related, career-related, Church Ministry-related, hobby-related, and more. I need to awaken those desires and set aflame the ones that I know that God is calling me towards. I IMPLORE YOU to do the same. Get a JOURNAL, and write down dreams (physical & spiritual dreams, but even just the thoughts you have about what you can see for your life - NO DREAM is too big for God!) or even some goals you might have for reaching some of those dreams & visions. God-given dreams & visions are always the best... but Holy Spirit can give you some insight even while you are writing. Creative Writing was always a favourite of mine, but I didn't journal alot. I enjoy writing, and would love to write & illustrate Children's Books (but would also like to write ministry style books or blogs that would help teach/train/equip young leaders). This is why I started the 'blogging' experience... not to showcase my talents or 'me', but to glorify God in what is written and shared. Everything I have, everything that is part of me, and everything I do is from God. All my talents and giftings, whether it be writing, art-related, or hobby-based is from God. I seek to glorify Him in all that I do and say. Other dreams/visions/goals are job related or Ministry related, and I am working towards those as well, and I will share more about those in the future.

As a JR YOUTH LEADER, a CHILDREN'S MINISTRY TEACHER and a REGISTERED EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATOR I know that I have a love for children, and a passion to see them grow in Christ & His love. But my JOB and MINISTRY WORK do not define me. I walk by FAITH and want to see others do the same, especially the next generations behind me. (But also my generation and the ones before me, as we/they are the examples that the next generation has to follow. They are not the generation of TOMORROW, they are a generation for TODAY! They have been said to be the 'LOST' Generation, but I know that they are a part of the 'CHOSEN' Generation, and want them to know that too. All of God's creations are called to be children of the Light, but it is their decisions, life-patterns, consequences, and choices that can lead them astray. A high percentage of the world's population DO NOT even KNOW Jesus or have a meaningful RELATIONSHIP with Him.

As I write this, I am preparing in my heart and spirit for KIDS CAMP, of which I have the joy of being a part of 2 camps this year... Jr High Camp with the tweens (9-12 yrs old) in my church {my ABLAZE Jr High's} (and surrounding area churches) which happens in 2 weeks (11 more sleeps!!); and, Kidz Camp (for kids/tweens 7-12 years old) which happens in 5 weeks (30 more sleeps!!!). I know that these 'environments' make it easier on our children/tweens & teens; easier in the way that there are NO worldly distractions (other than 'crushes' - LOL!), and they can see other teens living the life for Jesus, worshipping Jesus at their own pace, and in the ways they can without anyone looking down on them because they are young. A camp experience can be life-changing, and although I am a CRAZY CRAFTS leader at the first one, and a PHOTOGRAPHY/WACKY GAMES leader at the 2nd one, I know that through those I can still impart God's love to the children/tweens that God has set in my path! The theme for the 1st camp is 'There's An Army Rising Up!' and the theme for the 2nd one is Circus Related, yet is important as well 'God Has BIG Plans For Me!'. The world is a circus, everyone wants to be the RING LEADER, but we all have to play the roles that God has intended for us, while each of us in our roles are serving on the FRONTLINE in an ARMY against the devil and the wickedness of his schemes in the world around us.

I pray that YOU will find fresh vision TODAY, and seek God for what He is calling you do be and to do (not as a job or a ministry title, but as a life-changing experience, one that you live out each day you are alive to do it!) <3


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